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New track!

2010-08-16 20:43:31 by OneWhoListens

Popcorn Oven! That's right, it's my second remix out of the series of Popcorn remixes.

You can find it here: /355952

I just *know* you'll love it.


Newgrounds Knife!

2010-08-05 00:09:39 by OneWhoListens

Check it out!
It's sure to enthrall you and capture your spirit in Newgrounds Patriotism.

Action Potential, a smooth, diverse, loop that has the potential to calm or energize you...
Two versions, short: /352781,
And long: /352782.

Thank you! Please enjoy.

At long last, I've made another full length song! It's a remake of Popcorn, the first of a few variations on a theme I'm producing. Go check it out here and let me know what you think.

Thanks! I know you'll love it. /351474

Things are happening!

2009-12-28 02:13:54 by OneWhoListens

Attn: Newgrounds populace.
Recently, school and work have captured my time, not that most of you care, but it is winter break! Which means it's time to come back to my home at NG, and things will be happening!

Check out my music, I just posted a new loop - check it out!
Some of my stuff is awesome, some is crap, but it's all unique, so don't you dare stop until you've listened to and rated every single song (please!).

Also in the works is a flash game of much higher caliber than any of my previous experiments and adventures in code, which were slapped together quickly and using crappy code. This, I promise, will be much better, so stick around!

And look for me in the forums...

Hey! Go here and check out my art! If you're a scouter, please consider me!
Thanks! gbbs49d39e44f0451.gif
<img src=" 000/ngbbs49d39e44f0451.gif" />

Use Blogs!!!

2009-04-01 02:02:40 by OneWhoListens

Under glorious new rule of Supreme Commander Fulp, blogs are the only way we can communicate!!!
Use them to preserve free speech!
Wait...what are you doing...get away from me - help! help! he....

Clog the blogs!

New songs - DawnAgain! Go listen!

2009-01-19 12:02:09 by OneWhoListens

Two new songs, mainly the same thing, a short mix and a long mix.

DawnAgain Dance Mix


DawnAgain Dance Mix Extended

Sound really awesome with bass up - Go Listen!