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Really great stuff. Enjoyable in terms of visuals, plot, and little Easter eggs -- there are so many great small touches, like the cloning machine reading "REKT" when they add the virus, and how the sound effects and music coincide.

There are a few gaps in context that confused me, like why the cloning facility had so little security considering how critical it was, or why they wait until a bunch of guys die before they grab new ones -- maybe I just lack some background here.

Anyway, fantastic job.

icheban responds:

Thank you for the thoughtful feedback OneWhoListens! I'm no where near a professional at script writing (actually I'm a complete noob) so questions like this are very helpful in terms of making future episodes more clear.

The idea is that there are many facilities like the one you saw attacked. Security is present (in terms of the firewall seen on the computer as well as the alarm warning of something going on. It was also night time so I guess lighter patrols make sense there. If I had the time I would have added a more complex approach to infiltrating the station but that would have also added weeks to the animation.

Either way, I appreciate you watching and hope that I could eventually turn this into something unique in it's own right.

That Elf chick was a bitch anyway. Good ending.

Good quality animation and nice story progression.
Animation was smooth sometimes, and choppy others -- intentional?
-1 for propaganda.

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Fun and different, taking familiar concepts and making something totally new. Relaxing yet engaging! I would love a bit more variety over the course of the experience, that would make it even a bit cooler.

TheFunAttic responds:

Thanks for your feedback !

Because this was meant to be a one-shot experience, we realised some players may have difficulties learning that many mechanics in a single playthrough. We chose to make the difficulty curve very smooth to fix this, at the cost of making the game lack in variety for more experienced video game players (which I imagine you are)

But we thought about some tho :) like air-sucking or air-blowing canons, or very slow-moving headseeking bees.

Thank you, have a good day :)

Good fun, good puzzles, great ending!

- Fun
- A bit different than typical puzzles
- Does get hard quickly

- Difficult interactions on non-mobile
- Can't see the pieces easily
- Gets repetitive

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It's beautiful; a little haunting. Did you show it to her?

HowardWimshurst responds:

thank you. I haven't shown her yet..

I can't tell whether this is light or dark or both, but I love it. (I remove half a point only because it is *slightly* repetitive).

Fantastic stuff. I was riding on a 4 but then near then end it just got so upbeat and awesome I needed to give it a 5! And I love that after all these years developing all this music you still have so much passion to put into these pieces that you offer the community here on NG...it's really amazing.

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Wow, really engaging!

Enjoyyourlife8 responds:

Thank youu!

Wow, this is really impressive. I can't imagine how you managed to so successfully replicate this, yet here it is. I appreciate the care taken with the lighting, and the result looks great!

Zingoo responds:

Thanks! I actually made a little video (& gif) going through the process if you're curious

Get that man to a hospital, now! Fun looking drawing, definitely.

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